Isabella and Ann Tong Uffindell – A Special and Limited Edition of Sampler

I am so excited what lies in my mail box! It is a reproduction of antique sampler which is produced by an incredible team of cross stitchers. I have heard that the booklet in their online store was out of stock just several hours after their release. How popular is that! So important is, they will never put the charts in digital form! (Yes I have asked them…)

The antique samplers are actually two pieces, which originally has been created by two lovely sisters, Ann and Isabella. In the booklet also contains four full-pages about the history of sampler as well as the needle works, and also the story of these two lovely sisters. Reading the stories, stitching what they have stitched at their teenage. That would be an incredible experience! Do you know why I am so fascinated about these samplers? Two reasons:

1. I am sort of kit-girl. I love all the things that in a set, or at least in pairs. Two or more samplers are either in the same kind, or just the opposite and in contrast, would be my favorite.

2. I would be always dreaming of having sisters, or friends that so close that we could stitching together, gossip, knowing each other without saying anything. But I don’t. Many of my close friends are living in China and after 10 years we can hardly be so close like before. And all my friends in Germany do nothing like me. Their hobbies are normally see films, reading books etc. No hand made things. No.

The details of the sample you could find in their home page here. Also you can find out more via YouTube:

Let’s talk about the stitches here. The recommended threads that would be used are the Soie d’Alger silks. In their home page you can easily find the local retail stores. I am still hesitating if I should buy the silks to produce the samples. The silks are somehow costed and they also provide the DMC conversion. Hard decision…..

The reproduction model was stitched on 40CT lakeside linen pecan butter. That could be so elegant. I love the fabrics with 32CT or more. But 40CT I haven’t tried out. Maybe it is a good chance to do so.

If you do like these samplers and also by chance already have one copy, we could probably do it together! Anyway, tell me about your feeling of these samplers!

Thank you for dropping by!

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  1. Hello. I am trying to find one of these booklets and have learned they were published in limit and no longer available. Reaching out to see if you would be interested in selling yours? Thank you. Susan Butler


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