Love to Scrap on Traveler’s notebook Challenge: Here and Now

Hi guys, after some days off I finally find some time and inspiration to do my very first challenge on the traveler’s notebook, Love to Scrap on TN. The challenge was organized by Wei Wei and based on her pre-designed sketch


I have chosen some different style, the vintage style actually,  to represent my upcoming year. I would like to do more vintage things (because our new home would be a chic style, hahaha), and also do lots lots of sampler stitches, too. So, let’s see it.

照片 2018-1-23 15 18 35

照片 2018-1-23 15 19 21

照片 2018-1-23 15 22 21

I really like this quiz in German:







In English it means, let the things come, which comes. let the things go,  which goes. It represents some kind of my negative or dark mind in my personality, but not very strong. I am not a tough girl, I am just normal people. So  I will not hope everything in 2018 goes great. I just hope that nothing will do a permanent harm on my heart.

Something I should also mention is that in this project,  I haven’t use one single part of a famous product line in scrapbook industry. Nothing. The only one  is the Tim-Holtz vintage photo distress ink pad, in order to add some color on the white paper. Everything I used here is from China, die-cuts, rub-ons, washi, even background papers, without brands. The products are OK except the papers. The quality of paper are very bad like recycled or something. The different designs of the paper are also not very wide ranged. I could hardly put them together, even they are from the same paper pad. But the washi, the alphabet stickers, the rub-ons, are AWESOME!

Hope you will like my page. I would do more in 2018, I promise.


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