Hot wave in Germany

Since this week we have a hot wave… I hate it. You cannot find a place that cool enough, with WiFi, not so many people there, could sit there spending a whole afternoon. No way! I am now at La Luna, a Café bar. So noisy, annoying with kids, no WiFi available. In this case... Continue Reading →

Project Life: SUN

Actuelly I was not so happy with this page.  I love the photo that I have taken several years ago near my university. But this old-style vintage photo is hard to fit with any of my PL cards. I only find some gold/yellow and green embllishments to pop them out. The layout is also not... Continue Reading →

Project Life: Paradise in July

Last week I received my happy mail from Scrapdelight.  I subscribed one of the so called [Document] Life Stories Kits - Pocket Pages kit.  I really like the quallity of the cards and embllishments and die-cuts. This month I received a great design of kit: Eloquence. Probably you can still find some loose kit in... Continue Reading →

Project Life: 6 by 8 Single Page

I do not making single pages like this so often. Actually I feel it difficult. Color combination, background making, cooperation with photo and embellishments, all these points make me crazy. Yes you get it, I am a lazy girl and have a bad organized craft corner. Hhhhhh... This page turns out quite good I think.... Continue Reading →

Photo Frame Redesign

Finally I have found my paper flower stash in a dark corner. I haven't forgotten about it, but just couldn't find them. Yesterday I spent several hours to reorganize my stash of handmade items. I found a paper box with so much dust. I cleaned it up, and reunited with my paper flowers. This feels... Continue Reading →

Samarkand Counted Canvas SAL

Who says that old dogs cannot learn new tricks? I have just learned a new thing: counted canvas stitching art. Yes I call it art, because it is a little bit abstract. The picture normally doesn't contain any views, flowers, cute animals. It contains only abstract blocks or samples. What I am start learning from, is... Continue Reading →

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