Photo Frame Redesign

Finally I have found my paper flower stash in a dark corner. I haven’t forgotten about it, but just couldn’t find them.

Yesterday I spent several hours to reorganize my stash of handmade items. I found a paper box with so much dust. I cleaned it up, and reunited with my paper flowers. This feels pretty good, even better than buying new stuff.

So I decided to redecorate my boring photo frame using these little flower beauties.

Because the frame self looks like the mixture of blue and gray, I choose the paper flower in blue and white tones. It turns out really beautiful.

After than I posted my photo in a chatting group, where I made so many friends there. All of them love handmade. I was so lucky that I can find this group, until I saw their comments:


Sorry that they are all written in Chinese. Basically they don’t like my color combi of the frame, because it isn’t in line with the culture. Using photos and flowers of black and white means “unlucky”, even it’s beautiful. I was kind of shocked because today is year 2018, not in Middle Ages. And all the friends are the same age as me. I couldn’t even imagine it. Why they could accept the white wedding dress? I feel little upset and uncomfortable.

Anyway, I like what I have done. I will continue doing it in my own way.

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  1. in China, family member will hang the dead’s black and white picture on the wall to memorize him/her. in fact, if you like this kind of decoration, you can do it.


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