Life is strange

Life is strange.

This morning I called my mother. Sie said my step father is not good. He was sick since several years. But now it is even worse. I still didn’t know about the exact name of his illness. He behaved just like a normal patient suffering Parkinson’s disease. But I know he isn’t, because his illness developed too fast.

I don’t like him. If you know me, you know that I even hate him quite a lot. But he is my mother’s lover, lifelong partner. So I should hide my feelings, in order not to hurt my mother. Now he is sick. One side I hate him that he makes the life of my mother harder, breaks her heart. But on another side, I also pity him, suffering such a strange illness.

Now he need my mother’s 24-hours care. He can no longer treat my mother with violence, because he cannot even able to walk alone without my mother’s help. He is now so sick, always feel dizzy and headache, just like he has always been drunk, like before. Difference is, now he has zero chance to get better after a long sleep. He now also has difficulty in swallowing things. He didn’t like eating so much before, but he liked drinking alcohol. Now he can even not drinking. He has drunk his whole life’s alcohol during 20 years. He deserved it.

So, life is a circle.

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