Perfect Day for Crafting

What is a perfect day for crafting? For me it should have sunshine, no tictacs, get proper inspired. Sometimes it is just mood, like yesterday evening. Yesterday afternoon I have visited the local hobby exhibition for crafting. Even it is just as same as in the last year, I still feel happy and get inspired.

So I decide to try something new: molding using re-design silicon molds from Prima Marketing. It is not that easy like I have thought, but also not difficult. It needs more practicing. See, this is the first try, not bad:




I am using two-component system for molding. For the first try, I feel hard to control the recipe of the component. It was either too viscous or too dilute. Both directions will cause the difficulty in pulling into the molds. If you pull too much ingredient into the mold, it will have some extra edges. I need to use my finger nail to remove it…..

Anyway, for the first try it is OK.  After two or more practice it should be much better. Then it could be used on some cottage style furniture.

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