Chinese Lanterns

I am not a hard-working girl. Not at all. But these days I always have two things in my hands: camara and needles. Needles give me peace. They bring the color on the fabric, slow, but never go back. Every effort counts. Camara gives me passion. It discovers the world through its eye. It shows... Continue Reading →

Samarkand Counted Canvas SAL

Who says that old dogs cannot learn new tricks? I have just learned a new thing: counted canvas stitching art. Yes I call it art, because it is a little bit abstract. The picture normally doesn't contain any views, flowers, cute animals. It contains only abstract blocks or samples. What I am start learning from, is... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch Art: Hortensia

Hortensia, a commen name for the Hydrangea, one of my favourite flowers. I am so glad that I find a cross stitch chart about it in one of my cross stitch books. And it is in blue, also my favourite color. Some one says that cross stitch is only for old peoples. It is totally... Continue Reading →

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