Nothing is better than a bunch of flower

Agree with me? Last week I have headaches because of the work. The challenge is too much for me. But I have to take it. So I was seriously thinking, what I should do after work properly, in order to reduce the stresses. Jogging? Fitness? Swimming?No, I have a whole day long headache. Buy clothing... Continue Reading →

Fall is Under the Nose

Next week is my birthday. That means, autumn is here.  Tree leaves become yellow and red, they are falling, flowers are wither. We have more fruits in the market to make pies. So autumn is yellow, sweet and delicious. Recently I have seen a very talent photographer and her groups in Facebook. She organized very... Continue Reading →

Chinese Lanterns

I am not a hard-working girl. Not at all. But these days I always have two things in my hands: camara and needles. Needles give me peace. They bring the color on the fabric, slow, but never go back. Every effort counts. Camara gives me passion. It discovers the world through its eye. It shows... Continue Reading →

Walking in Harz National Park

Last week we took a break in our life. I decided to drive two hours west-north, to see some nature colour in beautiful autumn. The national park in Harz is awesome. There are so many different walking paths with different difficulty and length. We took a 10km easy path, walking deep into the green and... Continue Reading →

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